We are on your side.

Because we know what makes your blasting processes better.

Close to our customers’ applications and industries, we have, over the decades, been able to build the experience and consulting expertise which make us the right partner when it comes to blasting processes of all types. Talk to us about your existing processes and the materials you use, and let us find the perfect solution for high-quality and economical processing of your products together.


Integral and down to the last detail.

Because those who review remain profitable.

Systems, blasting abrasives, people – three factors which account for the profitability and efficiency of any blasting process. Because sometimes just a nuance is enough to reduce the performance of a system: inadequate settings, operator errors or simply resources being used wrong. In order to optimise the entire process, you have to consider it as a whole. This is where the Würth specialists come in. We examine, inspect and test your application and the system environment and provide you with concrete recommendations for action based on the results. In addition, we offer you solutions for continuous monitoring of our system and its blasting abrasive consumption during operation. Because the stable and efficient functioning of your system leads to measurable success and, in most cases, to savings that you would scarcely have believed possible.

Choice of blasting abrasive

The purpose determines the abrasive.

We help you to make the right choice.

Screening analysis of blasting abrasive samples, blasting abrasive comparison tests, service life tests and blasting trials on your workpieces in combination with the preceding analysis of your processes helps us to find precisely the blasting abrasive which is perfectly suited to your application. Take a look at our broad range of blasting abrasives in reliably high Würth quality.
Are you looking for the right abrasive or would you like to optimize your blasting process?
Are you looking for the right abrasive or would you like to optimize your blasting process?

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