Blasting abrasives in the cleaning process.

Much more than just clean.

With the right blasting abrasive, you can not only clean a wide variety of different surfaces, you can also carry out pre-treatment for subsequent coatings and create the desired texture at the same time. Blast cleaning abrasives from Würth are particularly suitable for removing rust and scale layers from metallic surfaces, eradicating moulding material residues on die-cast parts and removing annealing colours, for example from stainless steel. We are happy to tell you about the blasting abrasive which is right for your plant technology and the material to be treated in a consultation.

Surface finishing

Blasting for the perfect surface finish.

Refinement through smoothing, blast polishing and satin finishing.

The perfect surface finish: a question of the blasting abrasive. From smoothing through polishing to matting, blasting can be used to achieve a wide variety of finishes. The surface roughness desired determines the abrasive. For example, blasting abrasives in the fine range <0.4 mm are perfectly suited to blast polishing. Tell us about the final condition you want and we will advise you regarding the right blasting abrasive for your application.

Shot peening

Steady surface compaction blasting.

Because reliable functioning makes quality.

Hardly any other blasting abrasive application is subject to such precisely specified operating parameters which must be strictly adhered to in order to function reliably as compaction blasting or shot peening. And absolutely consistent blasting abrasive quality and suitable system technology must also be guaranteed on a long-term basis. Particularly for components which are subject to dynamic loads, the introduction of residual compressive stress in order to increase the lifespan is a very challenging undertaking. We at Würth know how it works and are happy to advise you on your application.

Coarse blasting

Surface finishing with coarse blasting.

The ideal preparation.

Roughening of a wide variety of predominantly metallic surfaces is used for a wide range of purposes. Particularly in the preparation of surfaces, for example for rubber or metal joints, or for subsequent treatments such as varnishing or powder coating. And coarse blasting is also suitable for creating texture for optical effects such as artificial ageing of timber. Regardless of what material your workpiece is made from, we know the perfect blasting abrasive for processing it.

Special applications

Blasting abrasives that can do much more.

Granulates for a wide variety of applications.

Granulates from Eisenwerk Würth have all kinds of uses as blasting abrasives. But they are also used in a wide range of fields outside blasting thanks to their wide-ranging benefits. For example, the VERA, DIAMANT round and DIAMANT edged blasting abrasives are used as weighting materials for machines, bases and cavities. Their specific density, pourability and low dust production are advantageous for weighting. DIAMANT round is also used in the field of radiation protection. Thanks to the homogeneous distribution, the high effectiveness and the relatively low cost, the blasting abrasive is suitable for insulation in the walls of source holders or clinical buildings in the field of radiation therapy. The edged hard cast DIAMANT blasting abrasive is also used in the production of pyrotechnic products. The finest granulate is used for this. Want to use blasting abrasives from Würth outside blasting? We are happy to provide advice about all the things our blasting abrasives can do.
Are you looking for the right abrasive or would you like to optimize your blasting process?
Are you looking for the right abrasive or would you like to optimize your blasting process?

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