Cooperation with Seco Industries

Blasting of ductile iron castings to achieve the desired surface quality and maintain the economics of blasting is a complex process that involves several key factors. It requires setup of the blasters, trained operators, and use of the correct blasting media. Consistent results and process stability are key requirements for our customers.

Our portfolio of customers, with whom we successfully cooperate for a long time, also includes the foundry Seco Industries, s.r.o. from Czech Republic. This company focuses on production of small ductile iron castings of up to 1 kg in series of several thousand pieces. Which means the company must master finishing small surfaces of castings from remains of bentonite mixture after casting.

the resulting quality of the surfaces of the castings is set by the requirements of customers operating mainly in the automotive industry. As a solution to this problem, our experts invented the STEEL SHOT VERA material with abrasive particle sizes of 0.6 – 1.0 mm. It took several months to test this material. The result led to a reduction in material consumption and blaster maintenance costs. The second no less valuable effect was the reduction of coal in the molding compound, which resulted in an overall reduction in the foundry's carbon footprint.

Are you looking for the right abrasive or would you like to optimize your blasting process?
Are you looking for the right abrasive or would you like to optimize your blasting process?

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